miércoles, 21 de enero de 2015

Let´s give the hope back to the villages of Ifolou and Irbrahn

Yes, Accion Geoda Foundation needs your help to restore the hope back to the
people of Ifolou and Irbrahn.

The tremendous floods suffered in both villages, Ifoulou and Irbrahn, after the heavy November rains, have destroyed the water well from where, since April 2014, the two villages have been collecting their drinking water supply.
For the last five years,  Accion Geoda Foundation has been working on the construction of a potable water system for the aforesaid villages.
It was very hard to see women, mostly teenagers and girls, loaded with containers of 10 to 20 gallons on their backs climbing the hillsides in order to supply water to their families while occupying their time, hurting their backs, and bringing
contaminated non-drinkable water. Furthermore, the lack of potable water in the houses has increased the difficulties for personal hygiene and household chores such as cooking, cleaning, etc.
As we said, in the last five years, we have succeeded in the unification of the villages. They have fought together in order to improve their living conditions.
And we, members of Accion Geoda Foundation and volunteers have worked hard hand by hand with them to get a better life.
Finally, after years of hard work, on April 2014, during a volunteer work camp, we
could see drinkable water running in their houses’ taps. The water supply was a reality. The beneficiaries of this project had made real their dream.

It was the first time, in more than two thousand years, that woman and girls would not have to carry containers of contaminated water on their backs.That day together we cried of joy.

The smiles of our faces were simply indescribable.
taken away, in just one night, the results of years of hard work and the involvement
of these people in a life project.
WE CANNOT ABANDON OUR FRIENDS NOW. The village water well has disappeared under the waters of the Tessaout River and villagers are again without safe drinkable water.We have proposed ourselves to rebuild the water well as soon as possible, but we need your support in funding the reconstruction.

You can collaborate with Accion Geoda Foundation through this crowdfunding campaign to recover these smiles as soon as possible